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In association with our different Partners,we have a succesful track record,simply by focussing our aims totally towards these of our clients'.We feel if our clients are 100% satisfied,we are too.

Business services range apart from Company Formations & Offshore Incorporations are accountancy,taxation and audit to include business development specialist and experts in information technology,shipping and yacht registrations,Securitisation/titrisations in Luxemburg,and S.M.E's.With our partners in Luxemburg,we do mergers and acquisitions in E.U.(http://www.legilux.public.lu/)

We offer a full range of support to business from our dedicated team,with clearly FREE advice on your choice,FREE Calls or chat with SKYPE.

Together with our partners ( chartered accountants and lawyers) ,we are able to make up your business profile and work out a partnership that really works for you.

Due to the recent changes in offshore legislations,we recommand to seek advice from your lawyer or chartered accountant prior contacting us.

More info,add us as Member Skype ( www.skype.com ) i.d: Carthagena Management,and speak ONLINE  to us,or email us,on : info@carthagenamanagement.com

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