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Welcome on the updated site of CARTHAGENA Management Ltd and Partners,incorporating your business ONLINE in max.30 minutes,introducing professional low budget priced worldwide 'Offshore' business structures like Value Added Tax Ltd or Holding Ltd company in England & Wales ,overseas tax saving business en property incorporations,saving money for your wealth management pension schemes,private banking solutions and tax saving consultancy as well as creating your American LLC or any UK British V.A.T.(ready) Limited Companies,or elsewhere in all major financial centres.

Buy and work gast in less than 30 minutes,with a dormant ready-made-a British ready-made Ltd,Hong Kong,Panama or Luxemburg company anywhere online and start your business in less than 30 minutes!

Considering USA LLC's,in New York with a virtual office in either Delaware,Wyoming,Nevada are still amongst the most selected ones,.Upcoming are countries with excellent (private) banking are just popping-up in Cuba,Nigeria,as already exists in Brazil,Mexico,Venezuela and Colombia.(LATIM region)

With our local Business Incorporation Agents ,exclusively Tax Lawyers & Chartered Accountants,we are specialised in business set-up and company registrations/formations,quickly setting up,taking over new or providing ready-made private british Limited company with active V.A.T number.Using your businesses by putting them in a profitable tax scheme using the best existing offshore tax profit systems of the world,is one of our daily services!.

Our fiduciary services includes,sales,purchase of companies,mergers and acquisitions,franchise systems,or practical A.B.C know-how and "E-commerce" or  "tax-free trade ".

Whether you prefer 100% protection of intellectual rights (licenses,patents,royalties,trade-marks,inventions,surgeons procedures),Securitisations Companies and real-estate developments in a property management SPF Company in Luxemburg or a Panamese trust,an IBC company with or without a virtual office,mail forwarding and secretarial services (email,phone,web,translation services),we can assist you as well, in new businesscenters in London and New York.

Who is our team?

Since 1980,a team of economists has been working successfully in the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg,by incorporating as a registered fiduciary on a daily basis Limited companies,USA corporations,offshore Trusts,IBC Companies,Real Estate/Merger S.A,Luxemburg I.P.Intellectual property, Shipping,Securitizations or E-Commerce Companies,Luxemburg SPF Soparfis,holdings, and many foreign "taylor-made" offshore companies more.For whom :singers,actors,(copy)writers,marketing, I.T. financial management,transportation,medical experts,consultants...

As stated under the EU Constitutional Laws of free movement of trade and business and persons,,we believe each individual has the right to establish his businesses within EUROPE freely or abroad,and move his labour and intellectual skills and knowledges to a country which is for him/her the most appropriate.

Relocating your business ? Protecting your business against risks ? Explore worldwide taylor-made solutions for your business with us...We CREATE legal tax solutions.Our aim is to help you settle in and succeed in your business !Carthagena Management Ltd and Legal Partners are always seeking to give the most consistent level of top quality service at economical prices for small SME's starters,traders,importers, exporters,all kind of consultants(I.T-Bio medical,...) and settled entrepreneurs.

Our marketing people have worked out a special "Business Start-up Package" for our international clients,expats,non-doms,at a low democratic fee,enabling you to start you business straight away!
Please enjoy reading our business ideas, order your Ltd,LLP,LLC or Offshore Company at once.

Simply send us an e-mail  or call us. Thanks for choosing us, as your ideal partner for your new projects .

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