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Offshore Banking Ltd.

Legal Disclaimer.

We are Incorporation Agents - Consultants and nothing shall be construed outside of this strict limitation.
This website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to offer legal, tax planning, or other advice.Carthagena  Management Ltd and its Partners do not assume any legal liability for the reliance by any person on any information contained in this website.
Nothing in this website shall be construed as, nor intended to be, the solicitation, promotion, advertisement or sale of securities.
As individual situations vary and tax and other laws differ from jurisdiction, please contact us to discuss specific information relating to your personal circumstances.

Due to recent changes in offshore legislations,we recommand to seek proper advice with your lawyer or chartered accountant prior contacting us. 

Email : info@carthagenamanagement.com 
Statutory Declaration.

All IBC clients are required to sign a statutory declaration stating that their funds are: good, clean, cleared, un-encumbered and from non-criminal origins such as money-laundering or terrorism activities.
Available upon written request :
- Declaration
- Banking Form Complimentary Services

Carthagena Management Ltd and Partners and Merchant Introduction Policies:

Our service as intermediairy examines and introduces trustworthy merchant services and offshore banks as a COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE to IBC clients.
In selecting a bank, Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners often visits and examines financial reports, or maintains communication with clients regarding their satisfaction with the banks services.
Our aim is to make your experience faster and cheaper than going to the tax-haven yourself, and attempting to open an account one time.
We are not a Bank, and therefore do not ourselves "open accounts".
The process requires communication and cooperation from all parties involved.
Our Policy covers what is reasonable to expect from Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners.
Clients should understand that, unlike North America, tax-haven jurisdictions have very strict BANK PRIVACY ACTS that we must respect.This means that once an application is sent, our service is shut-out by the bank, and the client becomes responsible to "Check the Account Status".
Please email or fax the bank FROM THE IBC ID NUMBERS included in the application form. The bank will ignore status requests from strange addresses, as you can respect they should do!

If you have difficulty in this step,please email within 10-days of first contact, with a day-time phone number so you can be introduced to the bank.(Do not come to us a year later when the IBC maintenance fees have not been paid and ask us to get results for you!)

Rarely, should a Bank fail to open the account in a reasonable time, Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners will provide one more complimentary introduction to satisfy you.
We cannot provide "refunds" on our complimentary services - it was free!
If you are "adding-on" a standalone bank account for your own IBC, Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners will refund half the cost of "opening the bankaccount" if we fail to open our choice of an account for you in a reasonable time or after two attempts.
No refund is offered if the client caused the failure by not providing required documentation, contacting/calling the bank to find out the status, or other item in the client's control.
Merchant Company account opening is separate and apart from Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners and does not form any part of the paid service in the IBC packages.
A refund is not possible from Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners for dissatisfaction with any merchant provider or rejection for non-approved products such as Adult, pornography, weapons, MLM or pyramid schemes, credit-repair services, and other high risk categories.  

We strictly follows,through our Partners the regulations of the Money laundering,stipulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales.See,their website for more info : http://www.icaew.com

By ordering any of our Companies online,the client acknowledges and understands the above,and agrees to the fact in most cases,that further legal information must be seeked prior to his order,and that he has done so.Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners,as incorporating agent-consultants, can not be held responsible for any (mis)use of the financial vehicule by their clients.By ordering,the clients agree and discharge Carthagena Management Ltd & Partners of any responsability on this matter.Again,we stress upon the fact to consult your lawyer or chartered accountant first,before contacting us.

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